Diamond and Carbide: Why Choose Just One?

Whether you prefer diamond or carbide burs, A&M Instruments offers hundreds of options in single-use and multi-use carbide and diamond burs.  To help you decide which material best meets your needs, let’s explore the benefits of both diamond and carbide burs.

FG Carbide Burs are designed for smooth, efficient cutting and extended life. These burs power through a variety of materials effortlessly, including bone and metal.  Carbides are an excellent choice for standard crowns and bridges and because they are designed to minimize trauma to existing teeth, carbide burs are the perfect tool for extensive surgical procedures. What’s more, carbide burs are designed to withstand the heat and still maintain a polished surface.

FG Diamond Burs are designed to quickly and easily cut through challenging materials such as zirconia and lithium without compromising precision.  Diamond burs shorten preparation time, create an excellent foundation for cementing, and provide dentists with superior control.

A team of Dental Product Shopper evaluators gave A&M’s FG Diamond Dental Burs a 4.2 rating in our evaluation and awarded our burs with a Recommended Product designation. 

Whether you choose to use FG Carbide Burs, FG Diamond Burs, or a combination of both – A&M Instruments is the gold standard of burs. For more information and to place your order, visit aminstr.com.