Safety Information and MSDS Requests

Safety instructions:

Always wear proper eye protection and gloves when using any cutting or grinding tool. ALL diamond tools last longer if a lubricant or coolant is used during cutting or grinding. Insert the bur or bit to the full depth of the tool, and in accordance with the manufacturer of the instrument, and secure in place. Do not use the tool at speeds above those indicated by the manufacturer. Do not use tools that are not in perfect working order. Full speed should be reached prior to contact with the material to be cut or ground. Warning: Always check to see if the bur or bit is bent prior to use. If bent or broken discard immediately. Use of a bent bur or bit can be dangerous to the user and onlookers. Use as little pressure as possible on all burs or bits. Use an appropriate cooling medium for smoother cuts and to reduce heat buildup. Do not use the tool in a jerking, twisting, or pulling motion. Manufacturer's recommended safe speed is 50% of the ISO maximum.

Material Safety Data Sheets:

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available. Please contact us to request one free of charge.