Industrial Diamond Tools for Industry

A&M Instruments manufactures diamond rotary tools, diamond coated twist drills, diamond coated mandrels, diamond files, diamond hole saws, diamond wire, and Borazon (CBN) coated tools.  We will diamond coat machine files and jig blades by request. Our expertly manufactured diamond pins range in size from 0.020” in diameter to 1.25 inches and up for custom orders.  We also provide Swiss screw machining services. Our industrial products are perfect for applications in glass, stone, wood, metal, and plastics.  

“Quality is essential to our success, therefore we utilize the highest quality raw materials, train our team to ISO standards, and operate at the highest efficiency possible.” from Manufacturing Today, August 2015. Read the full article.

If you need a diamond rotary tool that will provide exceptional results whether you are grinding nail heads, building cell phones, or fabricating aerospace parts - A&M Instruments is the only place to come to get your diamond rotary tools.