For over 30 years customers around the world have depended on A&M Instruments, Inc. for high precision diamond bits for power tools, rotary tools, drills and routers. Industries served include medical, dental, glass, stone, automotive, wood carving, aerospace, porcelain, ceramics, computer, optical and jewelry to name a few.   

A&M's advantage over the competition is clear. Due to all operations, from production of steel blanks, diamond coating, and inspection being managed in house, A&M is able to control product quality from the very first step in fabrication, making them an industry leader. Blanks can be produced months, even years in advance based on forecasted orders leading to 75% faster diamond coating and final inspection for more efficient order fulfillment.

A&M manufactures diamond rotary contour tools including; round end cylinders from 0.062” to 0.500”, balls, balls from 0.032” to 1.000”, round end tapers from 0.062” to 0.110”, flat end tapers from 0.125” to 0.138”, cones from 0.156” to 0.250”, wheels from 0.250” to 0.375”, countersinks from 0.187” to 1.000”, and diamond/CBN plated mandrels from 0.020” to 1.500”.

In addition, A&M Instruments manufactures diamond needle files that are made from high quality carbon steel and then multi-layer coated with premium grade diamonds.  The company also manufactures a line of diamond coated twist drill bits for power tools.  These tools are machined from premium quality stainless steel and then coated with diamonds using a proprietary multi-layering process.  Also available are diamond discs, diamond coated grout removal bits, diamond hole saws, and diamond wheels.  A&M offers CBN cutting tools and hole saws as well as being a high precision machine shop offering CNC machining and CNC Swiss Screw Machining services.

A&M Instruments operates from its plant in Alpharetta, Georgia, providing production capabilities and sales worldwide.  The company commits 100% of its total resources to the production, development and marketing of diamond rotary and cutting tools.

A&M Instruments, Inc. is an excellent source if you require 1 piece or 5,000,000 pieces.  A&M is also available to review technical specs, produce samples for customer inspection and approval, and provide pricing in advance of an order.

For more information, contact A&M Instruments, Inc. at 3565 Trotter Dr., in Alpharetta, GA, 30004, call our toll free number at 866-264-4287 or visit our website www.carvingtools.net.